Boosting the immune system and preventing cancer – the amazing benefits of drinking tea | science | News


Britain’s favorite drink was the subject of the Sixth International Scientific Symposium on Tea and Human Health, which took place approximately yesterday. Tea is known for its natural flavonoids with antioxidant properties. These chemicals can help neutralize free radicals within the body that can damage both fats and genetic material and contribute to disease.

The seminar was moderated by nutrition expert Professor Jeffrey Bloomberg of Tufts University in Massachusetts.

He said: “There is a growing body of research from around the world proving that drinking tea can enhance human health in a number of ways.

“Real tea – which includes black, green, white, oolong, and dark tea – can make a significant contribution to overall health.

“Evidence presented in this symposium reveals findings—ranging from suggestive to compelling—on the benefits of tea on cancer, cardiovascular disease, cognitive performance, and immune function.”

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