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Prevent cognitive decline

Researchers have estimated that 40-50 percent of dementia cases can be prevented with lifestyle changes — and drinking tea could play a role.

Dietitian Professor Jonathan Hodgson from Edith Cowan University in Australia explained: “There is growing evidence that one to two cups of tea per day can significantly reduce the risk of vascular dementia and possible Alzheimer’s disease.”

Specifically, data from prospective, long-term cohort studies found that a reduced risk of dementia was associated with consumption of 1-6 cups of tea per day—peaking at 2-4 cups—with a moderate intake of flavonoids in tea. be the key.

The strongest protection may come against vascular dementia, one of the most common forms of the syndrome.

Reduce the risk of cancer

Various studies have suggested that tea consumption is positively associated with a reduced risk of some types of cancer – including bile duct, breast, endometrial, liver, and oral cancers.

Flavonoids, which have anticancer properties, may act through a combination of antioxidants, antiangiogenic, and anti-inflammatory mechanisms, as well as modifying the profile of the gut microbiome.

Nutrition expert Dr. Raul Zamora Ross of the Belvege Biomedical Research Institute in Barcelona said: “More research needs to be done to determine the exact dosage.

However, he added, “The conclusion we can share is that higher tea intake may reduce the risk of some forms of cancer.”


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A cup of cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, are the number one cause of death worldwide.

However, tea has been linked to improved heart metabolic outcomes, with studies showing that drinking two cups of unsweetened tea per day can help reduce the risk and development of cardiovascular disease.

In fact, research has indicated that each cup of tea consumed daily is associated with an average reduction in all-cause mortality of 1.5%, a rate of cardiovascular disease mortality of 4%, cardiovascular disease of 2% and strokes of 4 %.

Nutrition expert Professor Taylor Wallace of George Mason University in Virginia said: “When you look at all the different biomarkers and mechanisms by which tea affects, it is this bountiful beverage that consumers can easily add to improve their diet and create a healthier, longer life for themselves.”

Nutritional guidance is needed

Especially in the United States, the researchers said, clearer dietary guidelines around tea drinking are needed to support mounting evidence that tea and other foods containing flavonoids have health-promoting benefits.

Food scientist Professor Mario Firuzi of the University of Arkansas said: “There may be herbs and other plant products that can offer health benefits, but none have been studied as systematically as Camellia sinensis – the real tea.

“With real teas – white, green, black and oolong – you are dealing with thousands of years of traditional use, 60-70 years of systematic study.”

In the last 15 to 20 years, he added, “this grant has increased so much that we have very specific data.”

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